Major Annoucement – New concessions for Expats confirmed by Ministries

Ministry of labor Ministry of Interior


The Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Interior made a joint statement yesterday – 10th May, 2013 (Friday) announcing major concession for the expatriates.

  • No fines and penalties for expat visa violators.

  • Huroob (runaway workers) will be allowed to return to their current sponsors, Or transfer to a new sponsor without the permission of the current sponsor.

  • Violators who leave the country voluntarily on a final exit visa and can come back on new visa.

  • Haj and Umrah overstayers can legalized their stay and join any company locally.

  • Domestic and non-domestic workers will be allowed to change their professions without paying any fees during the grace period.
  • Grace period to end on 3rd July, 2013.

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