5 Things you should know about Employment contract

employee contract

The following is an extract from Saudi Labor Law with regards to Employment contract:

1. The work contract for non-Saudis shall be written and of a specified period.

If the contract does not specify the duration, the duration of the work permit shall be deemed as the duration of the contract. (Article 37)

 2. The contract shall be signed in two sets – one for worker and one for employer. (Article 51)

 3. The contract should include the name of the employer, the name of the worker,  venue, nationality, identification, wage agreed upon, type and location of work, date of employment, duration of the contract if fixed. (Article 52)

 4. If there is going to be probation, then it shall be clearly mentioned in the contract. The probation period shall not be more than 90 days, excluding Eid holidays and sick leaves. Both the employer and worker can terminate the contract at any time without any notice unless the contract specifically gives right to only party to terminate the contract. (Article 53)

 5. A worker may not be assigned duties which are essentially different from the work agreed upon without his written consent. (Article 60)

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