Summary of Labor Law for Women

  • womens labor law

In addition to the general aspects of Labor Law summarized in the other article, we have summarized few important points from the Labor law specifically for women workers.

1. A lady worker has right to a maternity leave for the four weeks immediately preceding the expected date of delivery and the subsequent six weeks.
The expected date of delivery shall be determined by the physician of the firm or pursuant to a medical report certified by a health authority. (Article 151)

2. During the maternity leave, an employer shall pay the female worker half her wage if she has been in his service for one year or more, and a full wage if she has served for three years or more from the date of commencement of such leave. A female worker shall not be paid any wages during her regular annual leave if she has enjoyed in the same year a maternity leave with full wage. She shall be paid half her wage during the annual leave if she has enjoyed in the same year a maternity leave at half wage. (Article 152)

3. The employer should provide medical care for female workers during pregnancy and delivery. (Article 153)

4. An employer may not terminate the employment of a female worker or give her a warning of the same while on maternity leave. (Article 154) Also she cannot be terminated 180 days before the expected date of delivery due to illness related to pregnancy. (Article 156)

5. If the husband of female worker passes away, she shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for a minimum period of fifteen days as of the date of death. (Article 160)

6. A female worker shall be entitled to the full award if she ends her contract within six months from the date of her marriage or three months from the date of giving birth. (Article 87)