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How to File Lost Iqama Report- Jawazat- Paying Fine for Lost Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Losing your Iqama (Residential Permit) in Saud Arabia can be the cause of a major heart attack. You direly need the Iqama as proof of your legal residence in Saudi Arabia. If you are ever suspected of being an illegal resident Iqama is your only defense. Moreso, surviving even a day without iqama is nearly […]

How to reduce electricity bills in KSA

That’s great if you’re living in Saudi Arabia, and then, of course, you know how much you’re accountable to spend on your electricity bills. And you also know the situation during the summer. You can save electricity bills by following some tips. We are going to give a list below. Whether you’re cutting back on […]

Free Hajj Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Hajj is one of the most religious pilgrimages to Mecca undertaken by Muslims from all around the world. As Hajj brings a diverse amount of people from different countries and they bring with them their own contagions. Hence it is required that local residents who want to perform Hajj, should get vaccinated. The CDC and […]