Labor Inspectors not allowed to visit residents of Employee & Employer – News

Raid Inspectors RulesSaudi Arabia: It is recently announced by the Ministry that Labor inspectors are not allowed to visit residents of employees and employers. They further have said that the Labor raid inspectors are not authorized to check any personal documentation or disturb the work flow during office hours.

However, they are allowed to take copies of the original documents for inquiry purposes they have to be presentable while visiting the offices for inspection. They may visit the offices at any time of the day to check with the authorities and have the right to take photocopies of the documents with them for later inspection.

For quality assurance they may check and prove the quality of any product or machinery. They are allowed to check them to satisfy if the product delivers all the legal rights and is safe and targets the services it is made for.

They have the right to shut down the companies who are violating the laws within 2 months after they have completed their investigation. They can start with issuing warnings for the Labor Law violators and proceed with a complete shutdown of the firm or partial shutdown for a certain amount of time.

Source: Arab News