Procedure for Hiring Housemaid in KSA

Maid hiring ProcedureWhen you are residing in KSA, it is illegal that you just hire maids through websites or with your friends/family references. There is a legal channel for this and we recommend all the expats residing in KSA to abide by the laws where ever they are implemented.

Conditions to hire a Housemaid in Saudi Arabia

  • An expatriate who wants to hire a housemaid has to have a suitable and legal Iqama. He has to make sure that his is residing in KSA under complete legal laws. He has to make sure that the information on his Iqama is detailed correctly and that his profession too is what he is currently working as. All these details are verified later so it is wise to check on all these before you start the application procedure.
  • If a housemaid is hired in KSA in one city, then she can also work in other cities around KSA. The city doesn’t make a difference. It is better that you contact an agency who is permissible to get maids from other countries in KSA. Doing it any other way is considered illegal in KSA.
  • The housemaid called in KSA has to be married if he is a male, while in woman there are no marriage conditions.
  • Another condition is that the person who is applying for the Housemaid has to have a salary of SR 15,000/- to be eligible for sponsoring the maid. He must have a valid Iqama and Passport.
  • Agencies working for such causes generally charge SR 10,000/- for hiring the maids. The cost includes all the expenses of calling her to KSA, arranging visa and ticket, Iqama expenses. The person who has applied for the visa has to be the sponsor of the maid; he has to make sure that the Iqama is also listed under him.
  • The housemaid applicant has to provide all necessary documents for the processing to begin. He has to list all the requirements that can include age, gender, religion and language that the maid converses in. Moreover the information regarding the family of the sponsor has to be given as well, that includes the responsibilities, the number of people she has to work for, if they are any pets etc.
  • The contract that the maid will receive will enlist all the necessary fee and pricing. It will include the salary, working hours etc.
  • Housemaids from Sri lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Nepal, Morocco, Cambodia, Egypt and Vietnam are allowed to work as maids in the Kingdom

Procedure for Visa application

  • Visit Maktab-al- Istiqdam and fill the form with accurate details along with all the required formalities. Pricing for application is SR 2,300/- which takes about 2-3 for the visa to be issue after the payment is cleared.
  • When MOFA issues the Visa then hand it over to the agency along with the power of attorney. The rest the agency does after the amount has been cleared and paid.