No Canteen Facilities for students



Saudi Arabia: Students in KSA have to bring their lunches to school from now on wards. It is said so, because of the not functioning canteen and food places in schools. It is said that the school authorities have not signed contracts with any of the suppliers for the canteen and food supplies. They have no healthy and nutritional food, other than water, juices and light snacks.

As the students were returning home without lunch, thus many of the schools had asked the parents to send in lunch boxes with their child till there canteens are open and functioning.

It is further noted that many schools, due to incomplete construction work are not able to fully operate and start the education in their own campus due to un-finished business. Because of sharing the accommodation the administration has asked the parents to drop their children off for evening classes. Parents have complained and are angry on the issue of arranging transportation and expenses in the evening for their child’s education. They have stated that the school hasn’t given them the information in advance and arranging the transport in evenings in difficult.

Source: Arab News