I have a Traffic Violation; how can I check the Number Plate?

Untitled Infographic (3)Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia are the recently installed video cameras and detectors that have been keeping an eye on the traffic violators. In almost, each corner of the city there are cameras that have been clicking and connected to the system database, where the violators can check the traffic violations they have caused online. Saher Cameras have speed limit set on various roads on which over speeding leads to huge fine charges. What are the traffic rules and regulations in KSA? Know here. 

Procedure to check the Location and Traffic Violation

1- A text message is sent to the number by MOI that you have registered with MOI. It is thus important that you keep these numbers updated too.

2- Next you should read the traffic violation number and keep it safe for online references.

3- Open the MOI website  and choose your preferred language.

4- Select E-Services from the tags on the webiste’s home page. Select Traffic > Select Public Query Traffic Violation and Objection Claim.

5- Enter your details; type in the Iqama Number and you Traffic Violation Number that you had received via SMS.

6- Click on the ‘View’ button to check the details of the violation.

7- The window displayed will tell you of the following information regarding your traffic violation.

Description of the Violation, Fine Amount, Number Plate, City Name, Violation Time and Date, Date of Payment of Fine. 

8- Accordingly you will find an option, on which you can ask a question related to the violation or register a complaint.

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