How to find your Traffic Violation Number online for Saher fines

Traffic violation number online

First, advise for those of you who have come to read this page, please be careful while driving next time. We do not want to waste our hard earned money in paying fines.

You can find out your violation ID by the following two methods:

1. Telephone

By calling 011-292 8888,

then press 2 for English

then  press 1 for Traffic violation

then enter your Saudi ID/iqama no.

An automated voice will give the details including the violation number and amount to be paid.


2.Abshir Account

By login on to your Abshir account.

Then go eDashBoard Tab on the top.


You will get a list of paid and unpaid violations. You can get more details of the violation by click on the MORE DETAILS.

You can see the step by step procedure in pictures below. Click to enlarge picture.

Be careful and drive safe.

Abshir Traffic Check 1 Abshir Traffic Check 2 Abshir Traffic Check 3 Abshir Traffic Check 4