What is Huroob ? How can I remove it ?

This is one thing you need to be careful. When an expatriate employee runs away from his sponsor or is absent from work without information, then his sponsor can file Huroob report (absconding report) with Jawazat. When this happens, the expatriate employee is considered a criminal and can be arrested and jailed and then deported. Any person who gets reported as runaway (Huroob) cannot get any legal work done including renewal of Iqama, or getting exit re-entry visa for leaving the country on his own.

But it is not always that employee is at fault. There have been quite a few incidents where the employer for various personal reasons has reported the employee as runaway (Huroob). It may because that the sponsor had a disagreement with employee or may be wants to take out more visas or others.

In such cases, what is the solution ?

There are only two solutions:

Saudi Police, Photography - Hassan Ammar/AP

Saudi Police, Photography – Hassan Ammar/AP

First, getting yourself reported to authorities at Tarheel who will arrest you, keep you in jail and then deport you with a 5 year ban from entering Saudi Arabia.

Second is going back to your sponsor (kafeel) and asking him to remove the Huroob. Sometimes, the sponsor negotiates in financial terms for removing Huroob. Practically, your sponsor (kafil) is the only person who can remove Huroob. I have heard of cases where agents/moaqibs who removed the Huroob. Also of cases where the sponsor (kafil) took large amount of money in advance (upto SR 16,000) and did not remove the Huroob.

Then there is the third option – going directly to the authorities, in this case – Jawazat & Ministry of Labor, and filing a report with them for the reason of absence from work. If you are able to convince them, then maybe they will remove. I am waiting to hear success stories in the third option !

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