What to do if your Iqama is Damaged ?

As per the law in Saudi Arabia, you are expected to carry Iqama everywhere you. It is quite possible that this plastic card can get damaged sometimes. The process for replacement is easy and fast.

You are require to submit Iqama form sign and stamped by your sponsor along with two passport size photos. In addition, you need to submit the damaged Iqama and show the original passport at the jawazat counter.

iqamaBefore going to the Jawazat, make sure that you have made online payment for SR 500 for replacement of Iqama (if your Iqama is valid for one or less) or SR 1000 (if it is valid for more than one year) and you do not have any traffic fines on your name. It expected that your fingerprint record exist in the system.

Requirements at a glance :

  1. Iqama form  (Sign & stamped by sponsor)
  2. Passport size photos
  3. Passport – Original & copy
  4. Iqama – Original & copy
  5. Iqama Fee
  6. No traffic fines
  7. Fingerprinting enrollment