Procedure for Applying for New Iqama for First Time Arrivals

When you are newly in Saudi Arabia, it is the sponsor’s (kafeel) responsibility to make Iqama (Saudi ID card) for you. The maximum allowed duration for making the Iqama is 3 months, after which there is penalty for delay which has to be paid by the company and not by the employee. As the it is the sponsor / company’s responsibility to make the new Iqama, you do not need to worry about it. But for those of you who would like to know how things work, we give the detailed procedure.

First, as soon as you arrive, you have to inform and meet your sponsor/company.

They will ask you to do Medical checkup at authorized hospital or clinic (For list of authorized center see Authorized Centers). The clinic will make a medical report and automatically send it to MOI online.

Your sponsor will require from you two things:What is kafeel

  1. Your passport (Original & copy)
  2. Passport size photos – 2 to 4 copies

The requirements at the time of application of Iqama are as follows:

  1. Iqama form & other company documents
  2. Medical report (Now a days it is automatic sent online by clinic)
  3. Medical Insurance (To be done by your sponsor) To check Insurance validity status see Medical Insurance on MOI.
  4. Biometrics / Fingerprints (this is normally done at the airport immigration at the time of arrival) To check your fingerprinting status see Fingerprint Status
  5. Those who are having Engineer visa need to register with Saudi Council of Engineers and those who are having Medical Profession visa need to register with Saudi Medical Council.
  6. Payment of SR 500 Iqama for one year or SR 1000 for two years (by your sponsor)
  7. Payment of SR 150 HRD fee (by your sponsor)

HRD fee & Iqama fee can be paid online or through ATM.