Saher Traffic Fines Can be Challenged Online

Sahar Traffic


The Government has now launched a new service to lodge complaint against wrong Saher camera fines.
Many times motorist felt that they were wrongly given fine. Earlier, the person needed to visit the Traffic Police Department to lodge a complain. However, the Ministry of Interior has made the process very simple and easy. Now you can lodge your complain from the comfort of your office chair.
The process is as follows:
1. Login in to your Abshir account on MOI website.
2. Then on the left side click “Traffic“, then “Dispute Traffic Violation
3. Then click “Next” button.
4. Click on “View Violation and Dispute”
5. Select the violation which you want to challenge and then select the reason for the dispute.
6. Once you have filed your complaint, it is advisable to pay your fine as the fine may multiply with time. In case you win the dispute, it seems you will be reimbursed the amount.
Did you win the dispute case ? Let us know your experience.
Drive Safe 🙂