Short Cuts for Mobily customers

Short Cuts for Mobily customer (1)


Mobily telecom has series of shortcuts and commands to make the easy the process for availing various features of Mobily.
Now you can easily block numbers, receive missed called notification via sms and even transfer credit (money) to your friends from the tip of your finger in a minute.
We give here information about each item.
For more details about blocking service visit Mobily website.
Action Description Process
Customer Care You can reach directly to the customer care by dialing number is sequence to reach the customer care in English Dial 1100 then press 2,1,0,0
Transfer Credit If you friend or relative does not have credit, then you can transfer credit amount to their number Dial *123#Number*Amount#
Missed Call Notification You can receive sms notification for any calls you missed when your mobile was off or out of coverage area Dial *62*1431#
Cancel missed call notifications Cancel missed call notifications Dial #62#
Activate Blocking Service This activates Blocking facility for you line. It cost SR 15 per month Send SMS “Rahati” to 1100
Block a number Simple send sms to 1100 with the word Block05XXXXXXXX Send sms “Block05XXXXXXXX”
Unblock a number Simple send sms to 1100 with the word unblock05XXXXXXXX Send sms “unblock05XXXXXXXX”
Get iBill You can get your mobile on your email address Send SMS “ebill [email protected]” to 1100