Muqeem Cards will be will be tough to forge

Untitled Infographic (10)Saudi Arabia: New Iqama cards that are said to be in order will begin from the next year; the validity of which is said to be 5 years. These cards will be known as Muqeem cards and it will be impossible to forge them or replicate them in any illegal way.

These cards will be issued and renewed electronically throught Abshir e-services. The cards will remain the same during the entire period, after 5 years there validity will extend till the next 5 years and the updates will be added to the system.

It is said that the current Iqama ID cards will be taken from the next year when they are submitted for renewal and Muqeem cards will be handed over. The Iqama’s validity is kept till 1 year only and when returned they will get Muqeem cards instead. Hence, within a year or two the Muqeem cards will entirely replace the Iqama cards.

The impossible forging will be done by a number of different features that the card will have.

Instead of renewing the card every year, like the expats have to do currently, they will have to renew after 5 years and submit the entire fee together. The fee however will remain same.

Expats will not have to update their postal addresses or visit Jawazat to collect their cards. They will have a new system that will be cost and time effective in many ways.

Source: Saudi Gazette