Procedure to Attest Marriage Certificate in KSA

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When you are applying for a Permanent Family Visa then it is necessary to have your marriage certificate attested. The attestation legitimizes your family and then the application procedure also becomes easy for approval. There is considerable difference between attesting your degrees and attesting your marriage certificate. Here’s the procedure for the later:

  • Names are one of the most important factors that play a huge role in issuing documents, attestation and various other procedures in KSA. You need to be sure that your name and spelling appears same in all your documents. Therefore, the marriage certificate name should be the same as your Iqama/Passport name.
  • You need to attest the marriage certificate from MOFA in your native country. Depending on your home country MOFA attestation first requires attestation from state government, judicial court etc.
  • When you have attested the certificate from MOFA in your country, then you take the certificate to the Saudi Embassy in your country. They will only be concerned with the MOFA stamp there and ask you to provide a translation of the certificate for processing. Once that is done and you have the MOFA and Saudi Embassy stamp, half of your procedure is done.
  • Your next stop will be attesting them from KSA. Here the certificate needs to be attested from the Saudi Consulate/Saudi Embassy. The certificate has to be translated in Arabic where it is will checked for spelling errors.
  • Then you will require MOFA in Saudi Arabia to attest your certificate. This is the last step for the attestation of your Marriage Certificate, after which you may apply for a permanent Family Visa.

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Pakistan

  • Get a NADRA Marriage Certificate from local authorities
  • Get the Certificate attested from MOFA by a relative or you may hire an agent. An agent generally charges PKR 2000/-, while if you have a blood relative there then you will need to pay PKR 25/- only for the attestation from MOFA in Pakistan
  • It is better to hire an agent, though the charge more than the usual but they know the loop wholes and work procedures better than anyone. They will translate the certificate in Arabic and then send that to the Saudi Embassy along with a photocopy of the translation. The procedure takes a day or so with cost ranging between PKR 5000/- till PKR 7500/-
  • When you receive the original copy attested from the Saudi Embassy you then go to MOFA in KSA for attestation. This last step costs SAR 30/-

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