30 New Cinemas to open in Saudi Arabia soon…

KSA cinema

Cinema in Saudi Arabia soon

London based Vue has signed agreement with local Saudi entertainment and clothes gaint, Abdulmohsin Al Hokair Holding Group to open 30 new cinemas in Saudi ArabiaThis will beginning of 35 years old ban on cinema in Saudi Arabia. As of now there are no official cinema in Saudi Arabia. Though some centers show kids movies but the opening of cinemas multiplexes will take this to official lifting of ban in Saudi Arabia. Vue will be the only company to run and operate cinema in Saudi Arabia as of now. The first cinema is expected to start run by the end this year.

Vue may be using existing Al Hokair properties and even develop new properties to run the cinemas.

As per Telegraph news, the deals details are still being worked out.

Mr Richards, who still runs the Vue company, said this was a “huge moment” in the history of global cinema.

As per Arab News, on December 11th, the Ministry of Culture and Information had announced that commercial cinemas will be allowed to operate in the Kingdom as early as March 2018.