New Camera on Gulf (Khaleej) bridge – Is it for Speed or Seat belt & Mobile ?

The above photo is circulating the net a lot with different captions – some accompanying text claim it is for speed while some claim it is for seat belt and mobile. We at QSaudi decided to investigate the matter.

The fact of the matter is that the speed limit on this road was 80 km/hr for the road coming from Rawdah and 100 km/hr for the road going toward Rawdah. However few weeks ago, suddenly new sign board appeared on the road, telling that these roads are being monitored and speed limit is 50 km/hr.

Now this news and photos that cameras are installed on the bridge. It is clear that these camera Do capture the speed of the vehicles. It is difficult to imagine that while bridges with sharp curves and two lanes have speed limits of 60 km/hr, an almost straight bridge and a smooth curve and with 3 lanes is having a speed limit of 5o km/hr. We sure that traffic department has a good explanation for it.

Share this important with your friends and relatives, so that they are aware of the new rules and do not inadvertently break law and are fined.