Exit Re-Entry Fee Increased SR 600 ?

Today, 2nd October, 2016, the which corresponding to 1st Muharram, 1438; the government has announced that the fees will be increasing for various visa services.
It has been confirmed that the Family Visa visa fee has increased to SR 2000 and it is charged at the time of stamping of visa at Saudi Embassy in your home country.
However, a big surprise has been the Exit Re-entry fee. When we logged on to Bank website and tried to make payment for exit re-entry visa, it is showing SR 600 which is a shock. (see screen snap shot below which we got from our bank)
As per the announcement by the government, the exit re-entry fee will be SR 200 for first two months and it will additional SR 100 for each additional month. However, this fee of SR 600 has been a big shock for many expatriates. A person with a family of four will have to spend SR 2,400 in visa fees just for going on vacation; tickets excluded.
Many are hoping that as this is the first day of implementation, it a error which will be corrected soon.
Until there is official announcement is there, we have to keep our finger crossed and see.