Confirmed – Family Visa Fee Increased To SR 2000 At Saudi Embassy

It is confirmed that the visit visa fee is increased to SR 2000. Though the issuing of visa here in Saudi Arabia is still free via MOFA website, except for SR 25 charged for Chamber of Commerce (CoC) attestation, but the fee at time of stamping at the Saudi Embassies abroad has increased to SR 2000.

We checked out the Saudi Embassy agent in Pakistan – Etimad’s website and the new pricing was reflected there.

As soon as you open the first page of Etimad, you get a notification that Visa fees have changed.


As you proceed to take appointment for family visit visa on the website, you get the below message for cost of the fee.



As you can see, the fee for Visa is PKR 58,600 which is equal to SAR 2,000 (it maybe little more depending on the exchange rate you use).

The way things are going, it sure the number of parents of people who are working here in Saudi Arabia is sure to drop.

The new visa fees are also reflected by other Saudi Embassies around the word. We have received the below picture of announcement from Saudi Embassy in Singapore from a reader.