Saudi Arabia changes Salary Calendar

Govt employee to lose 11 days salary
Government shifts from Hijri calendar to Gregorian calendar.
Starting this month, Saudi Arabia is shifting from Hijri calendar (Arabic calendar based on moon) to Gregorian calendar (based on sun). With the result of this shift, the government employees will now get salary as per Gregorian calendar.
The Hijri calendar is 354 days (approx) whereas the as the Gregorian calendar is 11 days longer, that is 365 days. So, now government employees will have to work 11 days more to get the same 12 months salary every year.
With cuts in government spending by reducing salaries and allowances other measures, the government is trying overcome the budget deficit brought about by the decrease in oil prices.
Simulataneously, the governement is trying to increase the revenue by increasing the government fees like exit re-entry visa fee, multiple entry visa fee, visit visa fee etc.
This can expect to continue till the oil prices recover.