Where to : find jobs ? Share a cheap room with someone ? For new comers!

Have you ever wondered , where to  find a job in Saudi Arabia ?

This article is helpful if you are :

1- Looking for a temporarily job and don’t want to transfer sponsorship(kfala).

2- If you are looking for a permanent job with sponsorship(kfala) transfer.

3- If you are looking to sharing a room with someone or even renting a whole flat :).

3- If you are looking for a place to buy used stuff (cars,electronics,,,, and a lot more)


Hello there , today we are going to show you how to make it simple and easy on your self when you are in the process of finding a job or trying to buy something used for a good price.

Looking for jobs online is famous nowadays and one of the best places to provide this service is www.expatriates.com , you will get most of what you want from here so it is a good site for  new comers to Saudi Arabia .

What makes this website special  ?

1- No need for you to upload a CV unless if the job holder wants you to send  CV through email.

2- You will get direct information of the job holder like his email , phone number .

3- The site is very simple and easy to surf .

4- Has lots of feature other than finding a job and buying , looking for a spouse maybe ? : )

5- Daily new jobs are always added to the site.


Lets start by entering the site from the link below :


Once you are there chose the city you want then click “Job Offered” as shown in the picture below :

expatriates.com - Saudi Arabia 2015-06-18 21-42-49

Then you will be directed to the job offers you can click on any one you like to get more details.

expatriates.com - Jeddah - Jobs Offered 2015-06-18 21-51-37


Where can I find a cheap room to share with someone ?

The site offers a good page for people who either want to show their interest in sharing their room or for someone whose looking for a room 🙂 . Prices usually from 200 RS and up per month.

You could find it by choosing the city you want then go to rooms available as shown below

expatriates.com - Jeddah 2015-06-18 21-58-06

You will find there a variety of options from cheap to expensive, you can chose what suites your needs.


Where can I buy items ?

From items for sale as shown below chose the category you want and it will redirect you to it.

expatriates.com - Jeddah 2015-06-18 22-02-45


The site is really really very good for new comers where you will likely find most of the things you want .

It has other features like finding a spouse , or looking for a private tutor. Feel free to surf it and exploring it more.


It will help you now and even after you settle more in Saudi Arabia .

All the best to you 🙂 .