How to send Family on Final Exit – Saudi Visa – Expat leaving Saudi

Since many expats are sending their family member/dependants back home, it is necessary to understand the requirements for processing final exit Visa.

It is common knowledge that in order to legally leave the kingdom for good one needs to process “Final exit Visa”. However, many are confused about the exact requirements and process for the same. Here we will list down the latest points that we need to keep in mind when processing Final Exit.

Latest Requirements for Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Currently, for issuing Final Exit Visa, there are a number of requirements:

1.Valid Iqama: The visa cannot be stamped on expired Iqama.

2. Valid Passport: Passport Needs to have a Validity of at least 60 days

3. The dependent fee needs to be paid in full until the date of departure. In fact, minimum for 65 days (250 SAR) need to be paid.

4. Sponsor and Dependent status should not be dead, reported as absent or has Istiqdam violation.

5. All traffic violations against Dependent or sponsor must be paid.

6. Sponsor or Dependent does not have any Earlier penalty for Visa Cancelation

7. Dependent Visa Cancelation should not have (Previous) Valid Visas

8. Dependent should be present in the Kingdom at the time of issuance of Final Exit Visa

9. Finger-print Enrolment status for all Male/female dependents above the age of 15 years should be present.

10. The Dependent must not have any registered vehicle in MOI system

11. Valid Absher account on M0I portal. If you have not yet created Absher account please read this article.

Steps to issue Final Exit on Abshir System

If you have a valid Absher account, follow the following steps.

1- Login to Absher and go to e-services. Then choose My Dashboard.

2- Click on MORE DETAIL under Dependents

3- For each dependent you wish to send on Final Exit click on MORE DETAIL

4- Click on Issue Final Visa Button

5- Read terms and conditions carefully and Click OK if you agree.

6-  You will be asked “Are You sure you want to issue visa?”. Click OK

Once you complete this process the Final Exit Visa will be generated by the system. It can now be used within two months

Important Instructions on the Use of Final Exit Visa

Remember that the Final Exit Visa is valid for only two months. So, the departure of the dependents has to be within this time period.

In case you change your mind and want to cancel the Visa, please do so within two months.

Staying beyond two months will cause you to incur a huge penalty so keep this in mind.

Do you know about the Dependent Fee?

Once you bring your family to Saudi Arabia you need to pay a tax for each member. If you want to know more about the dependent fee for your family in KSA read 2019 Trends in Saudi Dependent Fee.