How to Check Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia – Subscribe to SMS Updates- Saudi Electricity Company- SEC

Naturaly, it is no joke that prices of electricity sky rocketed once the economic reforms began in KSA. This has caused quite come concern to expats and citizens alike and everyone is trying tooth and nail to keep these monstrous bills udner check. The first step in winning the battle against huge electric bills is to get timely updates about our due amount and due date. This way we can avoid surprise power cuts as well as learn how to bring down our monthly usage.

How to Instantly check Saudi electricity bill online

For those of you who are in a hurry, this is how to view your bill in milliseconds:

Go to and click Customer Services

1-Click Billing Services and choose E-bill

2-Under Quick Services Choose View Bill

3-On the next screen input the CONTRACT NUMBER and the code

4-Your bill will be happily displayed!

How to Subscribe for e-bill Service on SEC Website

Now anyone can easily receive update about bills online using the official website of the Saudi Electric Company (SEC). Instead of waiting for the paper bill to reach you or in case you misplaced it, you can simply see the due amount in your email.

You can subscribe to the service using the following steps:
1) Visit the E-bill portal of Saudi Electric Company

2) Enter your account number, email and preferred language

3) Click register

Now onwards you will be able to receive your electric bill as well as updates about non-payment on your email. This way one can avoid disruption of services or sudden power cuts.

Subscribing for Electricity Bill via mobile

Althoug it sounds outdated, SMS updates are in fact more efficient than viewsing bills online. Imagine, in this case you would automatically recieve updates without moving a muscle. You dont even have to use internet for the same.

To register for SMS AL KAHRABA
1. Send <<Ebill#email#accountnumber>> to 500120. Eg: Ebill#[email protected] #7654
2. You will receive an SMS confirming your subscription.
There onwards you can get all updates related to your electric connection and bill on your mobile via SMS

Using SEC Mobile App for Electricity Bills

In order to use the SEC services at your convenience, the best way is to simply download the official app
1. Go to google play store.
2. Search for ALKAHRABA app by SEC
3. Download the app
4. The app will first display options in Arabic. To change to English click on settings button.

5. That will display this screen. Choose English. Press Back Button.

6. In the main menu you can view following options
a. Requests b. Bills c. General info

7. First you have to register your account number. In Main Menu Go to “My number”. Click Accounts.

8. It will tell you “There are no accounts added”

9. Add your account details by putting in account number.

10. Once done you can view your bills, see the status of your applications to SEC and read instructions related to SEC services.


Not only has SEC made electricity bills easily viewable and payable, it also provides many innovative solutions. For instance, there is an option “Estimated consumption Calculator” which can help you predict your monthly bill and also keep consumption under control.


Since the SEC bill you usually receive might be in Arabic, it might be a bit difficult understanding what is what. However, don’t worry qsaudi has provides a very easy explanation of the essential details on the electricity bill. For details read out article on HOW TO UNDERSTAND SAUDI ELECTIC BILL.