News – ISIL releases recording of vowing more attacks in KSA

Saudi Arabia: The ISIL has released a recording claiming to the recent attack in Saudi Arabia. Asir, a province in Saudi Arabia had a bombing attack which killed 15 people and left 17 injured. The attack was deadly and serious. It was by far the worst attacks that had put the nation and security of the country at risk.
ISIL, on its affiliated Twitter accounts had released the audio of the recording where they accepted to the Asir attack in Saudi Arabia and also posted the photo of Abu Sinan Al Najdi who has been identified as the bomber involved in the attack.
Moreover the disturbing news was that the speaker had vouched for more attacks and had clearly said that they will be putting KSA’s peace in jeopardy for battling against IS in Iraq and Syria. Attack in Asir had been one of the serious attacks that KSA had ever witnessed. Victims included officers from the SWAT team and security personnel.