Degree Attestation in Saudi Arabia

Degree Attestation in Saudi Arabia is a must when you are changing your profession in the Kingdom and for landing on a job with legal standard documents. In a case where your degree profession is different from what your job is, then you may face consequences and severe fine/charges. This is a serious matter and has to be rectified immediately. In a nutshell, you have to have an Iqama that has all your information typed correctly and that includes your profession in the Kingdom as well.

The degrees have to be attested from The Saudi Embassy which issued the degree. As simple as this sounds the process is quite lengthy and time consuming, for which you need plenty of research done and your documents that need to be submitted in the process have to be ready.

Attestation Procedure in KSA

  1. The first step is to check between the names on your degree and your Iqama. It has to be the same name that you have else you may have issues later or your request can simply be rejected because of this mistake. To match the degree and Iqama name, contact Jawazat and ask them to change the name/spelling on your Iqama.
  2. Send your degrees for attestation from the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Next you need to get a letter from your work place requesting the Saudi Cultural office to attest the degrees. The letter should have the details written correctly and should include name, profession/position in the company and your date of joining.
  4. Then get another letter from your workplace in the same format for the Saudi Embassy in your country to attest the degrees.
  5. Once you get the letters from your company, send the documents to the Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy with your degrees. Depending on the native land, you may be asked to attest these degrees first from MOFA in your native country or Higher Education Commission.
    You need to send in original copy of letters, copy of passport and Iqama, copy of Visa and original degree.
  6. Degree attestation process can be handled by someone who lives in your country and can cope with ending the documents and providing the relevant paper work. If you don’t have someone then the basic rate for agents is SR 400/-
  7. Once you receive the attested degrees back, you may hand them over to the Mandoob of your company who can take care of the procedure from there.