How to Renew Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

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The way things are moving in Saudi Arabia, it looks like a few years from now, there will be need to visit any government department at all. You may be able to use all the government services online by click of button from your office or home.

Take for example, just last month, the Ministry of Interior has made the renewal of visit visa online.  Now you can renew Visit Visa online in less than 5 minutes !!! No more going in the morning and waiting for 2-3 hours in the sun.

We provide below for the benefit of our fellow expatriates step by step process:


1. Abshir account – You should be register / activate your Abshir account. (For details, see How to Register for Abshir )

2. Made payment of SR 100 renewal fee. ( See How to Pay Visit Visa Renewal Fee Online )



Login into your Abshir account by signing in on MOI website.


As soon as you login, click “Passports” on the left column.

Click "Passports"


Then click “Extend Visit Visa”

Click "Extend Visit Visa"


Click “Proceed”

Click "Proceed" Button


You can see the Name of Visitors, their passort and Border Number as shown in the below Picture. Click “More Details” button of the person whose Visit Visa you want to renew.

Click "MoreDetails"

Click “MoreDetails”


Check the new expiry date of the visit visa and if you are satisfied click the confirm button. You cannot change the expiry date of the visit visa. The duration of extension will be similar to the initial value of the visa period. That means if you got 3 months visa initially then you will get extension for 3 months, maximum two extension. If you get  one month visit visa, then you will only one month extension for maximum of six extensions.

Check the new expiry data and click confirm button

Check the new expiry data and click confirm button


Congrats – Your Visit Visa has been renewed. You can see the last date of visa as shown below. If you want to take print out, click the print button.

IMPORTANT : Take a print or snap shot of the screen now. Or else later you will unable to get this screen again !!

Congratulation ! Your Visa has been extended as shown above

Congratulation ! Your Visa has been extended as shown above.