How to Pay Visit Visa Renewal Fee Online

renewal fee (1)

Paying government fees has become very easy. Now all banks provide facility to make online payment.

Also you can pay through ATM card.

And finally you can pay the fee by giving money to Saudi persons standing outside jawazat. However, we strongly advise you against this practice. (See Why you should NOT pay govt fee )

We show you here how to pay Visit Visa Renewal fee online. We have used here SABB account to demonstrate the payment process. The process is similar for other banks website also.

Step 1

Login to your bank account online.

Step 2

Go to “Payments”

Payment - Visit Visa Renewal 01 - QSaudi

Click “Payments”

Step 3

Then goto “Government Services”

Payment - Visit Visa Renewal 02 - QSaudi

Click “Government Payments”

Step 4

Then select as follows:  Alien Services > Extend Visitor Visa and then type the Border Number (For details, see How to find your Border Number online )

Make the selections as shown and then write the Border Number

Make the selections as shown and then write the Border Number

Step 5

Double check the numbers and then click “Pay”

Payment - Visit Visa Renewal 04 - QSaudi

Click “Pay”

Step 6

If you have sufficient funds in your account, you will payment confirmation along with confirmation number

Payment - Visit Visa Renewal 05 - QSaudi

You can proceed to Visit Visa Renewal online. For more details how to make visit visa renewal online in 2-3 minute, see Visit Visa Renewal Online.