Why You Should NOT pay Government Fees to person Standing outside the Office

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Whether it be for Visit Visa renewal or driving license or istemarah renewal, we strongly advise against paying government fee by giving money to “persons” standing outside the office.

You may ask why ? It is convenient and fast & saves time.

We will tell you why:

1. Suppose you decide for any reason that you do not require the government service, you can always refund the fee. But the fee will be refunded to the account from which the payment is made. So if you want to refund, then you have to find this “guy” to whom you made the payment. That might not prove to be easy.

2. If the “person” who made the payment is not of good “character”, he can refund the money back to his account once you leave his presence.

3. They charge you money for the “service” – around 15 to 20 riyals.

What is the alternative ?

You can make the payment yourself by either of the following two methods:

1. ATM

2. Online Banking



1. Safe

2. You can easily refund the fee back to your account.

3. It is very easy and fast. Most of them take less 2 minutes to do.

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