Procedure for getting Business Visa for KSA, from USA

Getting a business visa has a separate and different procedure as compared to issuing a general visitor’s visa. The procedure from start till end is different and so are the requirements. A business visa is generally issued to individuals who are related to business activity, for example; investors, business men, representatives of US companies, managers, sales managers, sales representatives etc.

General points to keep in mind

  1. Important points to keep in mind include that you don’t overstay the time period that you visa is applied for; else you may face trouble thereafter.
  2. Business Visa for KSA does not grant you to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or reside here permanently. You have to leave before the duration of the visa is expired to avoid any illegal issues.
  3. Visitor from foreign lands have to abide by the rules and regulations of the country, whether they are religious or social rules. They must value the traditions and customs of the state. Drug trafficking and other heinous crimes are not welcomed and result in heavy criminal charges and death penalty.

Procedure and requirements for Business Visa

  • You need to prepare the required documentation that has to be authentic and legal. You should have a legal passport that has atleast 6 months or more to expiration date with 2 visa pages adjacent to each other.
  • 1 passport sized photograph with a white background. Slightly side angles aren’t accepted. The photographs have to be clear and taken in front of the camera directly.
  • Application forms can be downloaded from Fill them up with black pen. Provide your contact details and email on the application so that you may track your visa progress later.
  • To prove the applicants position in the company and to make him/her eligible for business visa provide any one of the documents;
  1. A letter addressed to the Royal Embassy of KSA in Washington DC by the employer of the applicant in United States that confirms the applicant’s position in the company and that he/she is being sent to KSA for business purposes.
  2. A copy of the company’s business registration in KSA and in USA
  3. An invitation letter from a Saudi Company
  • For non US citizens a copy of the green card or legal residence permit has to be attached.
  • Visa fees should be paid online through Enjaz website. You may also find the pricing charts and fee structures there.
  • If you’re looking for authorized travel agencies to do the work then follow the link and contact with the visa agent