What is Isteqdam (Istagdam)

Istaqdam also pronounced as istigdam, is one of the government departments under Ministry of Interior.

For expatriates, this is the place where they can get permanent family visa and also visit visa. There are big lines at these offices in the morning where expatriates line up for visa and it is preferable to be there early in morning to get your work done. This situation may change from city to city.

Locations for isteqdam offices in various cities are given below:



إدارة شئون الاستقدام
Ministery of Interior (MOI)
King Abdulaziz Rd, Al Murabba
Riyadh 12628, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
GPS location : 24.666737, 46.717606



مكتب الاستقدام
Bishir Ibn Muawiyah, As Safa
Jeddah 23454
Saudi Arabia
GPS location : 21.575415, 39.212176



Istiqdam Office,
6c Street, Dammam,
Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
GPS location : 26.437891, 50.122732