3 Things to be Careful when doing Online Banking

online bank 5

Online banking has become the norm now a days. Sitting at home you can pay all your bills, buys tickets, or even send to your home country.

However, if precautions are not take, you may find that your account is compromised.

Here caution about few pitfalls regarding online banking:

 1. Look for https. Normal website address starts with http://bank.com. But secure website have additional “s” in the address as https://bank.com. The “s” indicates that the website is secure and your transaction is safe.

2. Sometimes there are fake website call phishing website, which have similar name as your banking website. The hackers extract the id and password through these websites. Double check the name of website in the address bar whenever you open a banking website. See below example.

3. Do not access you bank account from public computers – like internet cafes, libraries etc as these computers have programs that can track your movement and keystrokes.

Needless to say, those computers without anti-virus program are high risk computers/laptops. It is important to regularly update the software.

If anytime you feel that your account has be compromised, you should immediately inform the bank.