25,000 fines issued in 1 week; Motorist Beware


Police Monitoring Traffic, Courtesy : MOI

Police Monitoring Traffic, Courtesy : MOI

Riyadh Traffic Department, has issued 25,395  traffic fines in past one week.

As per weekly report published by Traffic Department quoted in Arab News, below are the details of the fines :

6,664 tickets were issued for wrong parking

4,342 tickets for black window-tinting

3,975 tickets for jumping red lights

3,417 for speed violation

3,388 tickets given for Mobile use

2,105 for driving without a valid license

1,504 for driving on the wrong side of road


Traffic ticket

Traffic Ticket

As per the spokesman for Riyadh Traffic Department, teams have been deployed in 130 locations in Riyadh to catch violators.

The RTD is focusing on catching seat belt violators and drivers using cell phones while driving, speeding, running red lights and committing other traffic violations that affect public safety