Why the Manager in Jeddah Threw 50 Riyals Note from Top of Building

50 Riyal Note

One day a Construction Company Manager in Jeddah went to the construction site to check progress of the work.

There was some problem in the 8th floor of the building so the manager wanted to call a labourer working on the Ground floor to fix it.

The Manager instead of going all the way down to the labourer decided to call him by shouting his name from 10th floor. Because of the noise the labourer could not hear the Manager’s call.

Photo : Al Arabiya News

Photo : Al Arabiya News

After some time the Manager thought of an idea. In order to draw the attention of the labourer he threw a SR 10 note in front of the labourer.

The labourer picked it up and put in his pocket and continued his work

Again the Manager threw SR 50 note and the labourer did the same thing. He took the note and put it in pocket and continued his work. Now the Manager picked up a stone and threw at the labourer and the stone hit the labourer.

This time the labourer looked up and the Manager succeeded in communicating with him.

There is a very important message that this simple story presents. It can be very well compared to our “LIFE”

Almighty God always wants to communicate with us, but we are busy with our worldly lives.

All the blessings/gifts that God gives us in this world we take them for granted. We just call ourselves lucky to have got those blessings and never thank God. Exactly like the Labourer in the Story.

And when we are afflicted with a little hardship (like the small stone in the story) we look up to seek God and try all the possible ways to communicate with Him.

Just think about this…

What if God decided not to listen to us? What if He said he has no time to listen to our prayers? What if God decided to withhold all the blessings we are receiving right now? Who would save us if He were to abandon us?

That’s why it is rightly said

God gives, gives and forgives
And man gets, gets and forgets

Moral: Don’t wait till you are hit by a stone. Invest your time in God, the rewards are huge

We thank our fellow reader A. M. Ali for the contributing this story.