News – King Salman has stopped Dependent Fees – It is Fake news

Dependent Fee is Revoked – News analysis

As it well known the government has implement the Dependent fees from 1st July 2017 where each expatriate has to pay SR 100 per dependent per month. And this dependent fees has to be paid at the time of renewal of iqama or before issuing Exit Re-Entry visa.

However, there recently news in circulation on Facebook and Whatsapp that this dependent fees has been revoked by King Salman. (see below)


However this news is FAKE. The photo which circulated is from Ar Riyadh newspaper. The ArRiyadh newspaper has denied this news on their twitter account –

Below is the photos from ArRiyadh newspaper twitter account where they denied the news as fake.


We advise our readers of fakes news circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp and to refraining from spreading such news if you are not sure.