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Expat Dependent Fee – Q & A

Expat Dependent Fee – All you want to know

The implementation of expat dependent fee has started from 1st July, 2017.

Confusion and misunderstanding is common in people. Keeping this in mind, we have listed all related issues from reliable sources and individual expats experience.


1. The King has revoked the Dependent fee

This is simple fake news. The so called “proof” is photo shopped picture of Riyadh Daily newspaper. The newspaper on its twitter account has called this news as false. Read completed news on Fake news of Dependent fees cancelation.

2. The fees has to be paid at the time of renewing iqama

The expat dependent fee has to be paid at the time of renewal of iqama after 1st July. The dependent fee has to be paid until the date of expiry of iqama. So, if you are renewing the iqama 2 months before expiry, then you have to pay the fee for 2 months plus 12 months = 14 months.

So total fee at the time of renewal of iqama will be:

SR 2500 (Ministry of labor fee for head of family)

SR 650 (MOI – iqama fee for head of family)

SR xxxx (Dependent fee till the end of iqama)

Total = SR 2500 + 650 + xxxx (dependent fee)

See for procedure for payment of dependent fee


3. The fee has to be paid at the time of issuing Exit re-entry visa.

If exit re-entry visa is not issued before 1st July,  the fee has be to paid before the issue of Exit Re-entry visa can be processed. Otherwise, you will get error when you apply for exit re-entry visa online.

Payment has to be done for which ever comes first – Before Renewal of iqama or before issuing Exit Re-Entry


4. Those who have made exit re-entry visa before 1st July, 2017 are do not have to pay the fee the airport.

As per many travelers who have travel after 1st July, they DID NOT have to pay any fee at airport when they had applied for Exit Re-entry before 1st July. However, now those people are applying for Exit re-entry visa are asked to pay dependent fee. See How to pay dependent fee for the process to pay the fee.


5. Government Sector expatriates are NOT required to pay Dependent Fee

Expatriates working in government sector are not required to pay Dependent Fee. To know more about exemption of expatriates working in Government sector see Government Sector Expats – No Dependent Fee.


6. Calculation Date for Dependent Fees

The Dependent Fees is calculated from 1st July 2017 which corresponds to 7th of Shawwal (10 month) 1438. So if you put date as 7/11/1438 in the bank account, you will get the Dependent Fee for one month.


7. What is the per day charge for the Dependent Fees

From 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018, the monthly charge for Dependent Fee is SR 100 per month per dependent. However, when calculating the dependent fees, it is calculated till the date of expiry of iqama. Per day charge is SR 3.3 which is rounded off to nearest number, in this case it is SR 4 per dependent.


8. Dependent Fees to be paid at time issuing of Exit Visa

Those whose dependents are going on Exit Visa, they have to pay two months (60 days) extra dependent fees. This because Exit visa has two month validity.


9. Can dependent fees be avoid

Yes, there are certain situations and ways you can over come the dependent fees.

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Question still requiring clarification from the government. We encourage readers to share their experience on the below point if they faced similar issues.

  1. Will the Dependent Fees required to be paid before Transfer of iqama ?
  2. Will the Dependent Fees required to be paid before Profession change ?

Please feel free to share your experience for others benefits below in the comments.