Parents complain against the sudden fee increase without prior notice

Saudi Arabia: Private Schools in Saudi Arabia have hiked the fee prices at the very last minute causing outrage among the parents. The parents have complained that the schools have notified at the last minute and after the registration of their child in the school.

The schools have said that the Ministry of Education has approved their request about the fee increment this season by visiting the schools with a special education committee that checked if the schools had qualified for the fee raise. They also ensured that the schools have been providing the facilities to the students and have marked the standard, due to which many of the schools were renovated. The idea behind this was to provide an ideal educational environment to the school so that they could have better educating standards for the coming session.

The Ministry of Education has received several complaints from parents regarding the sudden price increase and has opened the matter to all so that those who have issues in this regard can file a complaint on their official site. The notification has been stated as being ‘too late’ for the parents to change their schools and rethink of other options for private schools in their area. However the schools have been defending their stands with the parents saying that this was because of the late approval by the Ministry of Education and in checking if their schools were eligible for the price hike.