When you’re hired in Saudi Arabia, it is of great importance that you list your profession as it is in you Iqama. If you fail to do so, then there are several harsh consequences that can be faced and that includes deportation at the highest level, if you’re not being careful and legal.

The Saudi Council of Engineering is an organization with which every Engineer in KSA has to register with. You have to prove your documentation and certification of education to list yourself in the council. To find out your profession in English in the Jawazat System click here. This is important for your knowledge and in making sure that you’re working in the profession that is written on your Iqama.

Procedure for Registration

  • Attestation of Degree in KSA

    The basic step is to complete and verify your educational documents. This means that you should attest your degrees from the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture. Your bachelor’s degree in Engineering will be certified and sent back to you after the attestation and only then you will be eligible for registration at the Saudi Council of Engineering.

  • Arabic Translation of the Attested Degrees

    The attested degrees should be translated in Arabic so avoid confusion and mishap at the time of registration.

  • Scan and Upload the required documents

    Keep a scanned copy for all your documents to upload on the site for Saudi Council of Engineering http://eservices.saudieng.sa/en/Registration/Pages/1.aspx

    You should be able to verify all the details before moving further with the registration process. The website calls on the following documents to be attached for successful registration:

    Copy of Passport
    Copy of Iqama
    Letter of Employment
    Letter of Authorization
    Copy of your Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering attested by the Saudi Embassy
    Engineering Grade Sheet/ Transcript
    Picture of the Applicant (200×200 pixels)

  • Registration Number

    Once you have successfully uploaded all the documents, you will be provided with a Registration Number that you will keep for future reference.

  • Registration Fee

  • Change your Iqama Profession

    Mention that you wish your Iqama profession to an Engineer in Saudi Arabia. You will then be provided with another letter that the Saudi Council of Engineering will directly send to the Ministry of Labor. You will be provided with a copy for reference purposes. The letter will be of ‘Registration with the Saudi Council’. Here your tasks are done! Provide all the documentation to the HR of your company and now he will take charge to change the profession as an Engineer.