Speed Limit Increase to 140 km/hr on highways


New speed limits on some highways have come into effect from  this Monday (19th Feb 2018). This speed limits will  affecting all vehicles.

The new increased speed limit for cars will be 140kph while it will be 100kph for buses and 80kph for trucks, the director of Public Relations and Security, Col. Sami bin Muhammad Al-Shuwairikh told Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

New road signs will be installed where the new speed limits are implemented.

The roads on which speed limits have been changed include the

Riyadh to Al-Taif road,

the Riyadh to Al-Qassim road, and

the highway to Makkah.

The Special Forces for Road Security said the new increased speed limit does not mean that motorists should drive at the maximum allowed limit.