SR 950 Insurance compulsory for all visa stamping to Saudi Arabia

Health insurance of US dollar 254 ( SR 950) now compulsory for stamping of visas of all category. It is compulsory even for transit visa passengers. Though the rule about medical insurance was announced earlier a year ago but it was not implemented till now. However, starting from today, that is 17th October, 2016 all visitors to Saudi Arabia will be required to have medical Insurance before coming to Saudi Arabia. This medical insurance has to be done before visa stamping.

It can be seen from the below circular the requirements of Medical Insurance for travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Circular for Health Insurance for Saudi Arabia

Circular for Health Insurance for Saudi Arabia

The insurance required is specific as directed by Royal Saudi Embassy and they have clearly told that only visa issued by the agency specified by then will be accepted.

It seems that this is only for the visitors to Saudi Arabia and not applicable for those who are already having permanent residency. However, as the new rules are being implemented, things are getting streamlined, we will get to know the full impact of application of this rule. To keep updated on this news and others related to Saudi Arabia, like us on or Subscribe to our newsletter.