Stages of Pain of Parting From Arabic Food

Ever wondered why your family member or friend is upset when they are about to move out of Saudi Arabia? No, they definitely aren’t upset because they’d be going further away from you… Here is the reason why they feel the blues when they are about to board that flight that departs from the country:

At the Airport, you look at your loved ones and they seem upset,

You repeatedly inquire about what has gotten them so offset.

Tears overflow when they glance back to wave you their salutations and goodbyes,

The only thing repeatedly popping into their head is that last bite of the Shawarma and the mouthful of fries.

They take that dreadful window seat and look up at the lights of the airplane,

The bright yellow lights reminding them of saffron color of Kabsah; the flavor relishing in every grain.

Immediately, they look away at the staff on this Saudi Arabian Airlines flight,

Dressed in shades of greens and blues, reminding them of the chickpea and fava beans filled Falafel bite.

Tears emerge again and their heart sinks,

From the corner of their eyes, they see the flight attendant get them a tray filled with drinks.

Apple juice, orange juice, mint and lime, too,

Their final date relished with a cup of Qahwa; the arabic coffee brew…

The flight took off, reaching for the never-ending sky,

Drenching them in thoughts of the magnificent taste of the Zaatar pie.

After a while again, the flight attendants appear, with their carts full of delicacies,

Hitting them with the breeze of barbecued chicken and mouth watering Mandi.

Eagerly awaiting their last Arabic meal,

As soon as their tray of food arrives, they let out a delightful squeal.

Perfection attained with a glass of sparkling minty Saudi Champagne,

Draining the glass with eagerness they couldn’t contain.

Upon reaching their destination, they look at the long lines of the immigration counter,

Sending them in a flashback of a friendly encounter…

That cherished encounter they had with the counter staff of “Al-Baik” after long hours of waiting in the queue,

Those crispy pieces of chicken, fish and prawns they had given to bite and chew…

And once settled at home, they open the gift their mom handed, to reveal Basboosa cake,

The only sweet cure, to their highly elongated heartache…