Travelling with a new born baby to Saudi Arabia

travelling SA

To begin with, this article is for those people where the mother is already having iqama and has given birth to baby outside KSA and wants to bring her baby along with her.

There are two ways of doing this:

1st method – You get the visa stamped on the baby’s passport from the Saudi consulate in your country. Usually the travel agents provide this service for a reasonable fee. Once the baby’s passport is stamped you are ready to travel. The child has to be less one year old.

2nd method – Visa on arrival. This is the easier way which I followed. Just buy ticket for yourself and your baby and arrive in Saudi Arabia. At the immigration counter they stamp the visa on the passport. And then you can enter the country.

In both case, they will write a border entry number at the immigration counter which is usually 10 digits long. Make sure they write this or else you will have to come back to airport to get this number when making the iqama for your baby.
And if you delay in making the iqama for your baby,  you will get a SR. 500 penalty.
Also don’t forget to bring along the polio immunization certificate for your baby in the country of birth. You will need this at the time of making iqama.
For more details on how to make iqama for your baby, check out this article.