Truth behind UAE Prince Jai Shree Ram speech

The social media and much of main stream media in India has gone viral with video of “Sultan” of Abu Dhabi saying Jai Shree Ram at starting and ending of his speech. This video has spread so much that many stream media in India and social group in the gulf are posting and reposting / tweeting the video again and again.

But what is the truth?

The UAE daily, Gulf News has analysed the whole thing and has clearly said that it very irresponsible of the media to circulate such news without verifying.

The person is photo is no way related to the royal family of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. He is just a reporter. His full name is Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, a UAE-based columnist and commentator on Arab affairs.



The newspaper after terming the news as fake has said irresponsible behavior of main stream media may adversely effect the relationship between the two nations.

The actual video of the event is shown below for reference. Anyone with little bit of knowledge will know that person in the video is not sheikh of Abu Dhabi.


Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi