Use WhatsApp on your Desktop

Now Use WhatsApp on your PC (2)


WhatsApp has launched the much need feature to use your WhatsApp from desktop of your PC or laptop.

The new system does not require any software for the PC or Laptop; your normal Chrome Browser is enough.
For many, this is really great news. WhatsApp application is extensively used for chatting. However, this is restricted due to the small typing pad on mobiles. Having WhatsApp desktop helps in overcoming this handicap.
As of now, this facility is available for WhatsApp running on Android & Windows mobiles and BlackBerry. The iPhone is yet to be released.
The process of using WhatsApp on desktop is fairly simple and fast. It is as follows:
1. First make sure you have the latest Whatsapp
2. Second, goto your Chrome browser and type . You will see the below screen with a QR code.
Web Whatsapp 1
3. Then goto your mobile and open Whatsapp application and then follow the process for your mobile as indicated below:
For Android, goto “Menu” then “WhatsApp Web”
For BlackBerry, goto “Chats” then Menu Key and then “WhatsApp Web”
For BlackBerry 10, Swipe down from top of screen and then “WhatsApp Web”
For Windows Phone, goto Menu and then “WhatsApp Web”
Web Whatsapp 2
4. You will get a screen with a QR scanner box on your mobile (see below pic). Scan the QR code image on your PC / Laptop desktop which you got in the 2nd step.
Web Whatsapp 3
5. As soon as your scan is done properly, WhatsApp will open in your Chrome Browser window and you can start chatting.
Web Whatsapp 5
Do you like the idea of being able to use WhatsApp from your Desktop ?