Visas Issued Before 2nd October 2016 Rejected By Embassies

We have to come to know that visas issued in 1437 Hijri (before 2nd October) are not being accepted by Saudi Embassies and consulates now.

We also came across a circular issued by one of the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad which says all visas Issued in 1437 Hijri are canceled.
The circular issued to the authorised agency – Etimad –  for Saudi Visa processing in Pakistan states the following points:
1. All the visas which are issue before 01/01/1438 (2nd October) are invalid and stand cancelled. The sponsor have to apply for new visas.
2. Those visas which stamped by Embassy before 2nd October are valid and people can travel on it.
However, different reports are coming from readers, some of whom are saying that this cancellation is only application to visit visa and not resident (permanent) visas.
The best course of action in these situations is to wait till things stabilizes and system gets streamlined. This thing was observed in confusion regarding the Exit re-entry fee. On 2nd October, the Exit re-entry was showing SR 600 and there was no option to select the duration. After three (3) days, the system glitch is corrected and now the visa fee can be paid for different duration starting from 30 days to 1 year (actually 360 days). For more details on this issue see Exit Re-entry fee error corrected
We hope, similarly for the visa issue, the system will get streamlined in a few days.