How To Make Payment For Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee ?

How to Make payment for Exit re-Entry Visa fee Online
Now a days it takes less than 2 minutes to issue Exit re entry visa for family and this can be done from the ease of your home or office from laptop or even mobile.
There was a time, when you had to go the bank, stand inline to make payments for various government services.
Now with coming of online banking and modernizaiton of Jawazat by implementation of Abshir online portal has become easier than drinking tea. That provided you know the process.

We have given step by step process with pictures to make sure you will finish payment with such ease.

For purpose of demonstration, SABB website is used. However, the steps are similar in other bank portals.
Login to your bank website. Goto SADAD Bills
Then select Government Payments 
Select the fields as follows –
MOI Service        :   Alien Control
Transaction Type :   Payment
Service Type       :   Issue Exit Re-entry visa (single)
Iqama ID             :   The iqama ID of the person whose Exit reentry is required
For Visa Duration you will get list of days starting from 30 days to 1080 days. However, kindly note that you cannot issue visa more than 360 days. If you will get error as shown below.
Next you will get a confirmation screen, asking you to confirm the details of payment being made. Make sure the iqama number is correct. If you make the payment to wrong iqama number, then you will have to apply for refund of the amount which takes 1 to 3 days. (See How to refund your MOI fees)
Also, check the amount if it matches the number of days you want.
Visa DurationAmount
1 – 60 daysSR 200
Upto 90 days SR 300
120 days SR 400
150 daysSR 500
180 daysSR 600
210 days SR 700
240 daysSR 800
270 daysSR 900
300 days SR 1000
330 days SSR 1100
360 days SR 1200
To calculate number of days from the day you leave the country use the calculator – Days Calculator
If all the details are correct, then confirm the payment.
You will get the confirmation screen as shown below.
Once the payment is done, it usually takes few minutes to reflect in Abshir account.
Once the payment is made, you can go to your Abshir account and issue the visa. For complete step by step process with pictures, see How to issue Exit Re entry visa online through Abshir