Visit visa extension / renewal in Saudi Arabia – Process & requirements




 ATTENTION: The Visit Visa Renewal has now been made Online

Kindly visit the updated article –  How to Renew Visit Visa Online



Validity and Extension of Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia


The visit visa extension / renewal should be done well before time, before the visa expires or else you may face penalty of SR 15,000 and deportation.

It is very important to make sure that you do not mix up the Arabic and English dates. For dates conversion, you can visit Hijri to Gregorian conversion.

The extension can be done only 5-6 days prior to the expiry date. If you go to jawazat before that, they will not renew it and ask you to come later when only 5-6 days are remaining.

Documents required for Visa extension process :

1. Original passport of visitor

2. Original Iqama

3. Copy of passport : Front, back & the visa page

4. Copy of Iqama

5. Passport form – to be filled and signed by yourself.

6. Passport size photo in white background – 1 number

7. Payment of SR 100. Slip not necessary.

8.  For Dammam & Khobar residents – Online token

For more details on the documents, see below:

Passport Form

This form also is available with with your HR department and Maktabs/offices near jawazat or Saudi persons with type writer  sitting near jawazat (Passport office) who charge SR 5 to 10 for typing / filling it up. Download in pdfDownload as word document.

Passport Photo

One Passport Photo  with background need to be attached to the form.

Payment of SR. 100 renewal fee

For complete process regarding payment online, see Online payment for visit visa renewal. Alternately, there are people outside jawazat (Passport office) who will make the fee payment for you for a charge of SR10 to SR15.

Online Token

As of now, this applicable for residents of Dammam and Khobar. They have to take online token. For more Details, see How to get online token for Visit visa renewal. The office timing are from  3 pm to 8 pm in Dammam.

For Riyadh residents, the token issued early in the morning at 6 am sharp so try to be at the Jawazat office before 6 am. The counters start working around 7 am to 7:30 am. The section for visit visa renewal is separate from the main building as can be seen in the below picture. (Click the map to see enlarged image)

Visit visa renewal office in Riyadh 2

View of Visit visa renewal section

Visit visa renewal office in Riyadh

Location Map of Visit visa renewal section

Once your turn comes, the officer will take your documents and check your original passport and iqama and give you a print out with new expiry date of visa.

Kindly check the passport number and end of visa date. If the renewal is final, then it will be indicated on the paper. You can extension upto 6 months. If your original visa is for 1 month, then you will get 6 extensions; if however, your original visa for 3 months, then you will get only 2 extensions. However, visa are not normally renewed / extended for Muslims near the Hajj seasons. (Update : The MOI announced on 28th June, 2014, that visit visa will be renewed through out the year, See MOI Announcement )

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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