VISIT VISAS 100% Online

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Soon Expatriates will be able to issue Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia for their family members completely online. As per Arab News, there will be no need to visit any government for the process of application. The article failed to clarify if the visit to Chamber of Commerce is still required or there will be online method to pay for the fee.
Currently, expatriates can apply visit visa for their relatives online on MOFA website and then take a print and get it attested by Chamber of Commerce (CoC). Within 3 to 10 days, the status of visa – if it is approved or rejected is updated on the website.
In order to avoid rejection, the name and details of expatriates should be clearly entered on the website as it is mentioned in the iqama and the details of the those who are visiting should match those of their passport.
The applicants of the visit also need to take responsibility for accommodation, medical insurance of the visitor and ensure that the visitor leaves the country before expiry of visa, failing which strict penalties apply.