What is GAMCA?

What is GAMCA

When you are up for a Permanent Visa to KSA there is a need by the authorities and regulations that you need you are able and fit for travelling and residing. That is where GAMCA Medical Centers come in. GAMCA stands for GCC Approved Medical Centers Association. These Medical Centers are widespread globally and are used when you need to travel to a GCC state. You may also require a GAMCA medical exam when you opt for a Work Visa in GCC states.

This medical exam, unlike the basic ones is a very big deal. Once the results are checked they are uploaded to the database and then that is your official and final record that cannot be changed. These accredited centers are not like regular clinics; these are specially appointed for such programs between governments and countries.

If you are to visit GAMCA Center in Pakistan then here are the necessary steps:

Getting a Medical Exam from GAMCA, Pakistan

  • The very first step in the entire procedure is that you book an appointment at GAMCA Pakistan for all your family members. Kids under 12 years of age are exempted from this Medical Exam. When you book the appointment you will be provided with a slip that will have the name of the Medical Center you are supposed to visit for the actual exam.
  • You should have a better and comprehensive knowledge of the sort of tests they will have for the Visa in Saudi Arabia.
  • You also need documentation that will be submitted to the center. These include; original passport, 8 passport sized pictures with blue backgrounds, original ID card. You would need to take 4-5 copies of each mentioned document.
  • After payment you will proceed to take your medical exam that includes mental, dental, urine, stool and blood test.
  • In case they find certain conditions that are not harmful or that you might not be sick, but your VISA will be market as ‘Unfit’ and then there are no other ways to get into the country as this information will be uploaded on a centralized database of people who have taken the GAMCA medical exam.

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