change of sponsership

How to check change of sponsorship / iqama transfer status online

change of sponsership

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) & Ministry of Interior (MOI) have asked all expatriates to rectify their status and transfer sponsorship to sponsor(kafeel) with whom they are working.

Many a times, the mandoob / HR persons do not give proper response or information with regards to the status of transfer of sponsorship. And then there might be the old/previous kafeel who will be threatening to put huroob (absconding report) if you do not do it fast.

Fortunately, Ministry of Labor provides the status of transfer of sponsorship online. Also you can see the status in Jawazat system. For more details see What is the Name of My Current Sponsor

Unfortunately there is no English version for the site.

Hence, we give below the step by step procedure:


Before you begin, we suggest that you use “Google Chrome” browser which has translate option. This way you can translate the page from Arabic to English when you get the results. For details regarding how to use “Google Chrome” for translation click here.

Click on Ministry of Labor website link given below:

Ministry of Labor website




Then click the drop down menu and select the last item. See the photo below for more details.

Iqama transfer status 1


Then go to the last item on drop down menu and click it.


Iqama transfer status 2


The click the radio button & enter your iqama number

Iqama transfer status 3

You get the status of your Transfer.



If you get something which looks like this, then Congratulations !!!

Iqama transfer status 4

Your sponsorship has been transferred as per Ministry of Labor records.

The page shows the name of your New sponsor and date when the transfer happen in Arabic(Hejri) dates. To convert to English/Gregorian dates click here.

However, in order to complete transfer, your sponsor/company HR needs to visit  jawazat and complete the process there.

Keep following with your company/sponsor to get the new iqama issued.

One of our reader said his status revert to his previous kafeel (sponsor) as his new sponsor did not follow up the process with Jawazat for more than 3 months. Don’t know how far this is true, but thought our readers should know. If anyone experience similar situation, do share your experience.


However if you get the below page, it means that there was no transfer request made in the last 3 months. You need to follow up with your company to do the needful. If claim that they applied, then ask them what is the application number (Raqam at-talab). If you have the “raqam at-talab” / application number, you can check the status here.  All the best !

Iqama transfer status 5

Alternate you can check the name of your sponsor / kafeel in Jawazat system. For more details see – What is the Name of My Current Sponsor



63 replies
  1. Sarath
    Sarath says:

    Assalamu Alaikkum,
    My name is sarath and id no. 2308990981. My old sponser is in red category and last month i got new job in other company. My old sponser asked 9000 SR. for the release. With the help of the embassy, I arranged new passport and submitted to the new sponser by October 22. But now my id is not showing in the ministry sites. When I contacted the new sponser, he told it will take time to transfer. In the ministry of labour site, my sponser is the old one. Please help me… Thank you

  2. Rafeeq Manalody
    Rafeeq Manalody says:

    whoever runs this site, you are doing a great help to expats like us. I’m commenting to show how much I appreciate your service. keep up the good work..

  3. abrar uddin
    abrar uddin says:

    Assalamu alikum sir, i want to know from which company i got talab i dont know which is this company now iam working in other company i want to transfer in present company

  4. Muhammad
    Muhammad says:

    AssalamuAlaikum ! Jazaak Allah for putting your efforts to resolve the expats issues regarding Iqama transfer and other.
    Today I got to know about my iqama transferring process status, with the help of your website expats support service and I got my application number as well but my status is ‘ Under Study ‘ because first sponsor did not yet give an access on government’s system to transfer me to the new employer. First sponsor has already taken 4000/-SR and handed over me my Iqama ,passport and released letter consists on three copies on 3rd Novermber 2013 and soon I got that letter’s 3 copies chambered from the Chamber of Commerce.
    What to do now to get access from the first sponsor and if he asks more money for that then? but someone has more money then answer is in ‘ yes ‘ but if I can’t afford anymore then is there any further possibility to get complete released from my first sponsor? please reply me soon or till tomorrow.
    But first of All I have to make or maintain more strong contact to Allah Subhanau to resolve my problems. Because He is the only Doer.

    Jazaak Allah again I highly appreciate your website support.

    • Muhammad
      Muhammad says:

      One more thing would you like to let you know that he on and off gets fluctuated in low green and yellow category. And right now he is in Yellow one.
      To be in Yellow one help me too?

  5. Syed
    Syed says:

    As Salam Alai Kum
    My Kafil has closed the company and disappeared. But he has release me and had handover MOL letter bu the my present company not able to take transfer as they could not find any data of mine. But my aget says that some hoew he is manage to clear Maqtab Amal. HOW SHOULD I CHECK IT IS CLEAR FROM MAQTAB AMAL.

  6. LysanderPascual
    LysanderPascual says:

    good morning, can i ask something, i want to check my iqama under renewal. how can i check . im waiting for your respond to my message. thankyou

  7. philipose
    philipose says:

    my old company submit for my sponsership changing on 16/01/1435, but still not change . So I get new job in another company. Now how to change my sponsership to new company. I check in computer the old company name inside. Now finshied 90 days . The old company man not intersted to cancel the name from computer. Please repaly me .

    Thanks 7 Best regards

    • Abdulmuqeed
      Abdulmuqeed says:

      Hello Everyone ,i have problem with my online transfer request acceptance from my old company ,finally he accepted my new company online transfer request for change my sponsorship… from the next mint i am checking whether my sponsorship changed or not… but there is no update even my old employer accept the new company transfer request,now i just want to know is there any time period to get online update or it just instant activity.
      if is there any time period to get online update ,what time it will take …. what exact internal procedure in this,
      after old company acceptance where it will go…? again ministry of labor has to approve it or old company acceptance is enough????


  8. Faisal
    Faisal says:

    salam brother,
    i want to know about the case where husband is under his wife sponsorship and gets a job in a company in KSA. so is he allowed to change his iqama to the new company or not and if allowed what is the process to do so.
    on iqama of the husband its written in red that cant work.
    plz inform me about the solutions.

  9. Yaseen Abdul Bari
    Yaseen Abdul Bari says:

    As Salaamu alay kum WRWB

    I would like to know the status of my Iqama whether is has been transferred or not yet, please let me know further….
    My Iqama number is as follows : 2307144531

  10. Khan
    Khan says:

    My sponsorship has been changed to the company’s sponsorship without my notice and permission and I don’t want to work with the current sponsorship. Please suggest me what to do.
    Example: I have sign a contract with ABC company with the sponsorship of DEF company now ABC change my sponsorship from DEF company to ABC company without my notice & permission.
    Please suggest awaiting for your kind suggestions.

  11. moidin saleem
    moidin saleem says:

    alhamduliha with the help of this website i got one information my transfer request under study status, now i want to know under this status my sponsor will receive transfer request or not , because my current sponsor did not received any more transfer request until now may i know what is problem did not revived transfer request.

    • thaj
      thaj says:

      hi moideen saleem,

      my case is also same, as Under Study,,When did u submit it?? in my case, its 3 weeks already, showing the same status??

      • moidin saleem
        moidin saleem says:

        hi thaj in my its 3 week ago? whats your new sponsor told you? what about your old sponsor told you about this condition? still i dont know what is the problem. my old sponsor still did not received transfer request i dont know what will i do/

        • Thaj
          Thaj says:

          Hi Moideen Saleem,
          I contacted my old sponsor’s concerned person last week, he told me tht they finished everything from their side, as they gave me the release letter. they have nothing to do at Makthabul Amal, you just follow up with your new company Mandoob.
          Today my chairman called the mandoob n asked him abt this, he told insha allah, it ll b ok within one or two week…as per my understanding, if they really want to make it fast, they can..the delay is mainly due to the laziness of present Mandoob…

          • moidin saleem
            moidin saleem says:

            dear thaj
            this is common dialog in all company insha alha with in a week problem will solve.but i want to know what kind of problem this is? because my new company they are not interested in my case they are big company i am nothing for them i was transferred only for job purpose. can you please check me what kind of problem this is.

  12. Kandis
    Kandis says:

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  13. Talat Mehmood
    Talat Mehmood says:

    Dear All,

    i am facing problem regarding my transfer (Tanazal) i already got my Passport & all legal documents with Chamber.
    & i submitted these all documents to HR of my new company. But my previous company is not accepting my online request of Transfer.
    Please advise without online approval transfer is possible? or any other way to follow the transfer process?


    Talat Mehmood
    Mob: 053 020 5622

      • Talat Mehmood
        Talat Mehmood says:

        Dear Mohsin thnx for your reply.

        Since one month i am follow up with my old qafeel but they are saying we didn’t receive any request regarding your Transfer.

        I checked my iqama status online there is showing your case is under process.
        also showing my application no the site.

  14. Ssamikhan Rana
    Ssamikhan Rana says:

    can any body tell me that how can i transfer sponcer with out paper first one when my iqama is expire

  15. says:

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The problem iss omething
    which not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy
    that I came across this in my search forr something concerning

    My blog;

  16. Sohaib
    Sohaib says:

    Can anyone please confirm what is the Exact status shown(in arabic) when the request is successfully received by current kafeel and is pending his approval.
    My new company has already applied by my current company hasn’t received any online request yet. When checked via the procedure listed above the status is “Under Study (tahat-al-darasa)”

  17. Talal
    Talal says:

    Dears Good Day,
    My profession on my iqama is student is it possible to transfer to any of companies or i have to go back to my country and come on a new visa.

    Talal Mustafa.

  18. eduardo viermes
    eduardo viermes says:


    I came here in ksa last july 2013 with my contract, but i get iqama from other saudi who is not my sponsor. Last april 2014, he took my iqama and never return it to me, now i don’t have iqama, what should i do, pls advice. Thamk you.

  19. rodel
    rodel says:

    I’ve follow your instruction and i received a message that my case is under study of labor office, what does it mean do i need to check it with my previous employer or to the employer that i wish to transfer? your reply will be highly appreciated.

  20. abid hussain
    abid hussain says:

    Asslam o aliakum i have prablam tanazul my kafil no give me 8 month salery he give me 3page for tanazul and pasdport .but he did not accpet new kafil talab tan i go to maktab alaaml 4manth ago yet maktab alaaml finish my case with out tel me wath is the rezalt this is my iqma nu 2338650977 plz chek and tell me wath i do plz help me

  21. muhammedrafeek
    muhammedrafeek says:

    أخي الكريم خدمة نقل الكفالة بشكل إلكتروني هي لعمالة المؤسسات فقط please tell me what it means

  22. Yusoph
    Yusoph says:

    As Salam Alaikom,
    I would like to know the status of my iqama whether it has been transfer or not yet. Before I worked at Hospital and my post was saudization then last year I was transferred to my wife iqama while looking a job then now i found a new job and I submitted already to my new company the release paper from my wife Hospital. Pls.let me know
    My Iqama # 20966 64681. Thanks a lot

  23. Yasir Naseem Khan
    Yasir Naseem Khan says:

    can some body guide me regarding my wife iqama transfer , as i am daily checking ministry of labor web site and result is coming as like حالة الطلب في وزارة العمل: تحت الدراسة ,How many days it will take more ?
    What is the further procedure ?Is there any further documents needed to complete iqama transfer status ? Is there any possibility of refusal from Ministry of labor or from feature employer ?Please reply me i will be thankful to you please.

  24. Tarique
    Tarique says:


    My Current Iqama is a Building Technician,I Need to change profession as a senior Procurement To bring my family.
    I am a holding degree as batchelor of Commerce (B.Com ),can any one guide line for Procedure to change profession.

    Also advice me what are the document required,I have done my degree attestation upto Saudi MOFA.

    Your immediate reply appreciated.

  25. Rifaz
    Rifaz says:

    my.. dear all friends assalam alikum
    my name is rifaz this is ma iqama no:2347735850
    I dont knw my sponcor name plz help me

    • Tariq
      Tariq says:

      Your new sponsor is علي ملاح هليل العنزي نقل

      Ali Malah Hlail Al Enazi

      Your transfer of sponsorship was approved on 1436/05/19


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